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30 Days of Devotion: Loki Day 8 & 9

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I live in Pomo and Miwok territories, and I think that just like Loki is close to Spider, he is related to Coyote. In Miwok mythology, Coyote (O-let’-te Coyote-man) is considered a Creator deity and ancestor as well as a trickster. Like Loki, he’s wily and cunning. His keen eyes can pierce the shadows of illusion and laugh at us when we are tumbling in the dark (he doesn’t do it out of malice though, usually he will step up after we learnt our lesson). Coyote can also be very sensual, and needs strong boundaries.

Another regional deity I associate with Loki is the Aztec Huehuecoyotl (Old Coyote). A couple of months ago I was researching Mexican Pre-Columbine deities after a journeying experience with a curandera, and after I decided to add T’s paternal ancestors to the communal altar. I found someone who did tonalli readings, which is basically an in-depth look into what was going on in the traditional calendar on the day on one’s birth. Mesoamerican spirituality considers human beings as having multiple souls (much like the Norse), and an expert can see which part belongs where by looking at the calendar and gives out advice. Surprise, surprise, Coyote was revealed to be one of the rulers of one of my souls. Since then I’ve tried to honor this spirit and try to implement his teachings into my life.

From the Codex Borgia, 16th Century.
F. N. Wilson – Curtis, Edward S. Indian Days of the Long Ago. Yonkers-on-Hudson: World Book Company, 1915, p 84.
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This is going to be very short, because I believe many others have stated the most common misconceptions about Loki in a more succinct and eloquent manner than I ever could.

  1. That Loki is Norse Satan. If anything, he’s a Christic figure. Fight me.
  2. That Loki is just a chAOS DEiTy. Thank you, next.
  3. Loki is a self-serving egomaniac who will stab you in the end. Again, YMMV, but he’s actually very loyal and protective of his people.
  4. Loki is a soft femboy who loves attention and he is uwu. No. Genderqueer, yes. Loves attention yes. No on the uwu.

Those are the main ones and the ones that irritate me the most.

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Recovering scholar. Trans-parent. Lokean, eclectic witch & maker.

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