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30 Days of Devotion: Loki Day 10

May be an image of text that says 'Thirty Days Devotion to Loki Day Ten Offerings (Tradítional & UPG) Imago Arthur'

I’m probably not going to say anything original. He’s got a sweet tooth and a penchant for liquor. Cue the fireball shots and glazed donuts on the altar.

He also enjoys seeing his loved ones taking care of themselves. Despite what any Nokean might say, he’s only pushing us to be better toward ourselves. Loki will remind you (with growing urgency) to drink water, take your meds, to go for that walk. He will push you to make that appointment with the doctor and hold you when you’re not feeling well. In all, taking care of ourselves and pouring into our own cups is an offering that he enjoys.

Another acts of service or devotion include but are not limited to:

Donating time or money towards children’s charities.

Dancing and raising energy with any other, ehem, kinds of physical activities.

Spending time talking to others about him or his children/spouses, especially helping to dismantle any misconceptions and adding nuance to discussions.

Baking him sweets or giving him a bit of spicy food.

Gender exploration.

Paying your bills on time and paying off your debt.

Tending to your inner child. Playing in the playground, playing with your kids, looking at the world through a lens of fun and excitement.

Lending a hand or an ear to people usually considered outcasts. A compassionate word or a small prayer to people going through a rough time can be a wonderful offering of itself.

But mostly, he loves seeing his people living their truth, whatever that may look like.

Hail Loki!

Published by Rowan

Recovering scholar. Trans-parent. Lokean, eclectic witch & maker.

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