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30 Days of Devotion: Loki day 11

May be an image of text that says 'Thirty Days Devotion to Spongecake Day! Loki Day11 Festívals, Days, Times Sacred to Loki'

To quote Sir Elton John on this one, Saturday Night’s alright. Usually Saturday is a good time to honor the Trickster, as it’s become SPG that this is his day. And it kinda works, if you think about it: most people rush to try to make him fit into the Mercury mold (and while he does share some characteristics of the archetype as ever moving and ever chatting) while I think he gives off Saturnian vibes.

Saturn Talisman Image
Saturn’s depiction from the Picatrix, a medieval magickal treatise.

In Astrology Saturn marks limits or boundaries. It’s the planet of discipline, being the Lord of time. He’s a darker archetype, but he ultimately helps us get our lives in order. He brings down structures that aren’t serving us in order to build something better for ourselves. As anyone who is going through or has gone through their personal Saturn return can attest (when Saturn returns to the position in the sky where he was when we were born, usually at around the age of 27-29), Saturn brings about an earthquake to test the foundations to check for any less than ideal constructions. It helps if you think of your Saturn return or his influence as your own personal Ragnarok.

And since I mentioned the Picatrix, here is a website that talks more in depth about it. Go read it and see if it doesn’t scream Loki to you, especially the shapeshifting bit :). Just ignore the “EVIL” part, *eyeroll*.

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