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Devotion to My Lady Loki

A Litany for Loki


Hail Loki, Mother and protectress of children,

Grants us the ability to love fiercely like you do your kin. Amen.

Hail Loki, Underground Dweller,

Keep us close to your chest and nurture us as you do your babes. Amen.

Hail Loki, Mistress of Magick,

Inspire our spells with your might and skill. Amen.

Hail Loki, Our Lady of Desire,

Ignite our hearts and souls with your sacred fire today and forever. Amen.

Hail Loki, Lady of Treasure and Coin,

Share with us your joy in abundance and gratitude for what we hold. Amen.

Hail Loki, Weaver of Nets and Mistress of the Spindle,

Let us be pierced by the needle of Nal and be woven into your designs. Amen.

Hail Loki, Feathered Messenger,

Keep your watchful eye over our heads and over our loved ones. Amen.

Hail Loki, Bridesmaid of Thor,

Help us undress, don better masks in times of need, and lead us to victory. Amen.

Published by Rowan

Recovering scholar. Trans-parent. Lokean, eclectic witch & maker.

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