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On the day of Mercury

I’ve been away from this blog for too long it seems. Following the advice of “doing what feels good”, I gave myself to reading. Like a little bird picking, picking, picking at the ground to find a juicy worm. But birds must sometime return to their nest to help feed other birds with their findings and live in reciprocity with their kin.

Some musings, on this day of Mercury:

*The best place to start and end sometimes is in the center of oneself.

Whenever finding a center is not possible, it is wise to set down roots and recharge. This might look like singing (rather offkey and) loudly, dancing in the kitchen, doing the dishes in the reverse order, etc etc etc.

*Ancestors are not only those of blood, but also those of spirit.

So many people (including yours truly) become skittish at the very mention of ancestor work. “You must appease the ancestors, else they will feed of you!” seems to be the warning every book you pick up will throw in your face. While there is some truth to this heeding, there is a clarification that would put a lot of folks at ease: you don’t have to talk to your problematic (dangerous/abusive/bigoted) relatives! At least not at first, and not at gun point. While many folks come around and become less bigoted while in spirit, trying to forge an alliance with people who make you uncomfortable is setting yourself up for failure. No need to love and gaslight yourself into forgiving someone you’re not ready to forgive. Instead, focusing on the ones you do miss, the ones who were kind to you or who left this realm on good terms… OR reaching a hand out to non-human ancestors, masters of any lineages you are initiated into or even deities (who could fall under non-human ancestors technically).

Good books that touch upon this topic better than I can at the moment:

The part of Vaudoise’s book about Elevating an ancestor proved to be very healing for my family member and myself. Farmer’s book is quite an enjoyable read as well (I have not finished it yet, but it looks very promising, and it was a recommendation by someone who does this for a living!).

*Change is good. Okay even.

Many a philosopher from way back when may have said this before, but when you have a Chaos Lord(tm) as your primary deity this becomes a reality. I wish I could tie everything in a neat little paragraph, but the truth is some days all I can do is float in an endless ocean, or duck under the waves. In this little metaphor the ocean being the Divine, the waves the different aspects of Creatix/Creator. Some days I get thrown off and go head first into the ground, just as I thought I had found a good solid place to stand on within that liminal space between the rolling tide and fine, wet, sticky sand. But to add some meat to this seemingly aimless post: things are changing, I am changing, the face of my Beloved is changing. Some days I stare of into the distance, hoping to catch a glance of Them.

Still, I know that things will be okay, somehow, somewhere.

Happy Wednesday! Hail Thoth the scribe, to whom this little post is dedicated.

Ma'at on Twitter: "Thoth, the god of wisdom, knowledge, writing, math,  science and astronomy was also the god of medicine, having healing powers  helped to resurrect Osiris long enough to impregnate Isis

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