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30 Days of Devotion: Loki day 11

To quote Sir Elton John on this one, Saturday Night’s alright. Usually Saturday is a good time to honor the Trickster, as it’s become SPG that this is his day. And it kinda works, if you think about it: most people rush to try to make him fit into the Mercury mold (and while heContinue reading “30 Days of Devotion: Loki day 11”

30 Days of Devotion: Loki Day 10

I’m probably not going to say anything original. He’s got a sweet tooth and a penchant for liquor. Cue the fireball shots and glazed donuts on the altar. He also enjoys seeing his loved ones taking care of themselves. Despite what any Nokean might say, he’s only pushing us to be better toward ourselves. LokiContinue reading “30 Days of Devotion: Loki Day 10”