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On the day of Mercury

I’ve been away from this blog for too long it seems. Following the advice of “doing what feels good”, I gave myself to reading. Like a little bird picking, picking, picking at the ground to find a juicy worm. But birds must sometime return to their nest to help feed other birds with their findings and live in reciprocity with their kin.

Some musings, on this day of Mercury:

*The best place to start and end sometimes is in the center of oneself.

Whenever finding a center is not possible, it is wise to set down roots and recharge. This might look like singing (rather offkey and) loudly, dancing in the kitchen, doing the dishes in the reverse order, etc etc etc.

*Ancestors are not only those of blood, but also those of spirit.

So many people (including yours truly) become skittish at the very mention of ancestor work. “You must appease the ancestors, else they will feed of you!” seems to be the warning every book you pick up will throw in your face. While there is some truth to this heeding, there is a clarification that would put a lot of folks at ease: you don’t have to talk to your problematic (dangerous/abusive/bigoted) relatives! At least not at first, and not at gun point. While many folks come around and become less bigoted while in spirit, trying to forge an alliance with people who make you uncomfortable is setting yourself up for failure. No need to love and gaslight yourself into forgiving someone you’re not ready to forgive. Instead, focusing on the ones you do miss, the ones who were kind to you or who left this realm on good terms… OR reaching a hand out to non-human ancestors, masters of any lineages you are initiated into or even deities (who could fall under non-human ancestors technically).

Good books that touch upon this topic better than I can at the moment:

The part of Vaudoise’s book about Elevating an ancestor proved to be very healing for my family member and myself. Farmer’s book is quite an enjoyable read as well (I have not finished it yet, but it looks very promising, and it was a recommendation by someone who does this for a living!).

*Change is good. Okay even.

Many a philosopher from way back when may have said this before, but when you have a Chaos Lord(tm) as your primary deity this becomes a reality. I wish I could tie everything in a neat little paragraph, but the truth is some days all I can do is float in an endless ocean, or duck under the waves. In this little metaphor the ocean being the Divine, the waves the different aspects of Creatix/Creator. Some days I get thrown off and go head first into the ground, just as I thought I had found a good solid place to stand on within that liminal space between the rolling tide and fine, wet, sticky sand. But to add some meat to this seemingly aimless post: things are changing, I am changing, the face of my Beloved is changing. Some days I stare of into the distance, hoping to catch a glance of Them.

Still, I know that things will be okay, somehow, somewhere.

Happy Wednesday! Hail Thoth the scribe, to whom this little post is dedicated.

Ma'at on Twitter: "Thoth, the god of wisdom, knowledge, writing, math,  science and astronomy was also the god of medicine, having healing powers  helped to resurrect Osiris long enough to impregnate Isis

Reviewing the Trithemian Conjuration: Putting The Table Together

The Digital Ambler

Where were we?  We’re in the middle of discussing the early modern conjuration ritual The Art of Drawing Spirits Into Crystals (DSIC), attributed to the good abbot of Spanheim, Johannes Trithemius, but which was more likely invented or plagiarized from another more recent source by Francis Barrett in his 1801 work The Magus, or Celestial Intelligencer.  Many who are familiar with it either read it directly from Esoteric Archives, came by it through Fr. Rufus Opus (Fr. RO) in either his Red Work series of courses (RWC) or his book Seven Spheres (SS), or came by it through Fr. Ashen Chassan in his book Gateways Through Stone and Circle (Fr. AC and GTSC, respectively).  I’ve been reviewing the tools, techniques, and technology of DSIC for my own purposes as well as to ascertain the general use and style used by other magician in the real world today, and…

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Archangel Michael: the wrathful aspect of Ba’al

Michael Ruark

The Archangel Michael is so ancient that you can trace his name back to around at least 1600 BCE, a thousand years before he is ever mentioned in Judaism. He appears to have found his way into Hebrew via the Babylonian Exile in the fifth century BCE, and through neighbouring West Semitic cultures where he was a prominent chthonic martial deity called Mikal. While the Michael-Mikal connection has been made before, I am proposing that Mikal’s name came from an Akkadian word for “red” which was a poetic name for the planet Mars. This name was a title for both the Sumerian god Nergal (with whom Mikal was syncretized), and got taken by the Babylonian god Marduk as a result of the conquest of Sumer.

What’s in a name?

The Archangel Michael is one of the most ubiquitous figures in Abrahamic cosmology, featured in even the most obscure and remote sects. While the…

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Artemis Ephesia and the Virgin Mary

The Red Seeds

ARTEMIS of  EPHESUS  was the black multi-breasted Goddess also known as ‘she who flowed with milk and honey’. She was a Goddess unlike any other and was closely connected to the earlier Goddess, Cybele. The Ephesians were well known across the Greco-Roman world for their utter devotion to the goddess Artemis Ephesia. They built and dedicated a magnificent temple to her which became one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. She was worshiped by her citizens for over a thousand years as their virgin Queen, their saviour, mother of mothers and their midwife of life, death and fertility. Her turret crown  represented her role as guardian and protector of the city and all who dwelt in it. Her many breasts are mysterious….. eggs, bees eggs, acorns, bull testicles, figs  ? Whatever they are they all symbolise the fertility of the Goddess. Her blackness is possibly connected to…

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Devotion to My Lady Loki

A Litany for Loki


Hail Loki, Mother and protectress of children,

Grants us the ability to love fiercely like you do your kin. Amen.

Hail Loki, Underground Dweller,

Keep us close to your chest and nurture us as you do your babes. Amen.

Hail Loki, Mistress of Magick,

Inspire our spells with your might and skill. Amen.

Hail Loki, Our Lady of Desire,

Ignite our hearts and souls with your sacred fire today and forever. Amen.

Hail Loki, Lady of Treasure and Coin,

Share with us your joy in abundance and gratitude for what we hold. Amen.

Hail Loki, Weaver of Nets and Mistress of the Spindle,

Let us be pierced by the needle of Nal and be woven into your designs. Amen.

Hail Loki, Feathered Messenger,

Keep your watchful eye over our heads and over our loved ones. Amen.

Hail Loki, Bridesmaid of Thor,

Help us undress, don better masks in times of need, and lead us to victory. Amen.

SHE: the Virgin Mary and the Goddess Kālī

john dupuche

SHE:    the Virgin Mary and the GoddesKalis Kālī
What has Kālī to do with Mary of Nazareth? How can the beneficent, the fearsome goddess of India lead to an appreciation of Mary the Virgin, the Woman, the Mother of God? How can she give new birth to the Church? In this retreat, we contemplate the śakti, the Spirit, the divine feminine, and ask some questions.

Montserrat Black Madonna

The Devīmāhātmya

The Devī Māhātmya is believed to have crystallized in its present form during the 9th10th century, and is believed to be originally authored by sage Markandeya.

A rough breakdown of the chapters is as follows:

  • Chapter 1:      Like many other texts, the stories are embedded in a conversation where a sage, Medha, is narrating the story to king Surat and a merchant called Samadhi. The sage tells them how worship of the Devi is paramount, and tells…

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Dual Faith Observance and Traditional Witchcraft

The Nowl Betwixt

“To return to witches however, although there are obvious similarities with some of the modern magical practices carried out by Wiccans, most of the methods and techniques used by the old-time witches bear little resemblance to those used by today’s neo-pagan witches. Often the cunning folk practised dual faith observance and the charms, amulets, prayers and incantations they used invoked Jesus, the Virgin Mary, the Trinity and the company of saints. Psalms were used for magical purposes as spells and they still are in some modern traditional witchcraft circles. With the coming of the new faith of Christianity and the suppression of the ancient pagan religions, objects such as crucifixes, saints’ medallions, the host and holy water were widely used by folk magicians because they were believed to possess ‘virtue’ or magical energy and inherent healing power.

Christian symbolism was used in folk magic rituals involving psychic protection, counter-magic snd…

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30 Days of Devotion: Loki day 11

May be an image of text that says 'Thirty Days Devotion to Spongecake Day! Loki Day11 Festívals, Days, Times Sacred to Loki'

To quote Sir Elton John on this one, Saturday Night’s alright. Usually Saturday is a good time to honor the Trickster, as it’s become SPG that this is his day. And it kinda works, if you think about it: most people rush to try to make him fit into the Mercury mold (and while he does share some characteristics of the archetype as ever moving and ever chatting) while I think he gives off Saturnian vibes.

Saturn Talisman Image
Saturn’s depiction from the Picatrix, a medieval magickal treatise.

In Astrology Saturn marks limits or boundaries. It’s the planet of discipline, being the Lord of time. He’s a darker archetype, but he ultimately helps us get our lives in order. He brings down structures that aren’t serving us in order to build something better for ourselves. As anyone who is going through or has gone through their personal Saturn return can attest (when Saturn returns to the position in the sky where he was when we were born, usually at around the age of 27-29), Saturn brings about an earthquake to test the foundations to check for any less than ideal constructions. It helps if you think of your Saturn return or his influence as your own personal Ragnarok.

And since I mentioned the Picatrix, here is a website that talks more in depth about it. Go read it and see if it doesn’t scream Loki to you, especially the shapeshifting bit :). Just ignore the “EVIL” part, *eyeroll*.

30 Days of Devotion: Loki Day 10

May be an image of text that says 'Thirty Days Devotion to Loki Day Ten Offerings (Tradítional & UPG) Imago Arthur'

I’m probably not going to say anything original. He’s got a sweet tooth and a penchant for liquor. Cue the fireball shots and glazed donuts on the altar.

He also enjoys seeing his loved ones taking care of themselves. Despite what any Nokean might say, he’s only pushing us to be better toward ourselves. Loki will remind you (with growing urgency) to drink water, take your meds, to go for that walk. He will push you to make that appointment with the doctor and hold you when you’re not feeling well. In all, taking care of ourselves and pouring into our own cups is an offering that he enjoys.

Another acts of service or devotion include but are not limited to:

Donating time or money towards children’s charities.

Dancing and raising energy with any other, ehem, kinds of physical activities.

Spending time talking to others about him or his children/spouses, especially helping to dismantle any misconceptions and adding nuance to discussions.

Baking him sweets or giving him a bit of spicy food.

Gender exploration.

Paying your bills on time and paying off your debt.

Tending to your inner child. Playing in the playground, playing with your kids, looking at the world through a lens of fun and excitement.

Lending a hand or an ear to people usually considered outcasts. A compassionate word or a small prayer to people going through a rough time can be a wonderful offering of itself.

But mostly, he loves seeing his people living their truth, whatever that may look like.

Hail Loki!

30 Days of Devotion: Loki Day 8 & 9

May be an image of text that says 'Thirty Days Devotion to Loki Day Eight Varíations of this Deity (aspects, regional forms, etc.) m Arthur'

I live in Pomo and Miwok territories, and I think that just like Loki is close to Spider, he is related to Coyote. In Miwok mythology, Coyote (O-let’-te Coyote-man) is considered a Creator deity and ancestor as well as a trickster. Like Loki, he’s wily and cunning. His keen eyes can pierce the shadows of illusion and laugh at us when we are tumbling in the dark (he doesn’t do it out of malice though, usually he will step up after we learnt our lesson). Coyote can also be very sensual, and needs strong boundaries.

Another regional deity I associate with Loki is the Aztec Huehuecoyotl (Old Coyote). A couple of months ago I was researching Mexican Pre-Columbine deities after a journeying experience with a curandera, and after I decided to add T’s paternal ancestors to the communal altar. I found someone who did tonalli readings, which is basically an in-depth look into what was going on in the traditional calendar on the day on one’s birth. Mesoamerican spirituality considers human beings as having multiple souls (much like the Norse), and an expert can see which part belongs where by looking at the calendar and gives out advice. Surprise, surprise, Coyote was revealed to be one of the rulers of one of my souls. Since then I’ve tried to honor this spirit and try to implement his teachings into my life.

From the Codex Borgia, 16th Century.
F. N. Wilson – Curtis, Edward S. Indian Days of the Long Ago. Yonkers-on-Hudson: World Book Company, 1915, p 84.
May be an image of text

This is going to be very short, because I believe many others have stated the most common misconceptions about Loki in a more succinct and eloquent manner than I ever could.

  1. That Loki is Norse Satan. If anything, he’s a Christic figure. Fight me.
  2. That Loki is just a chAOS DEiTy. Thank you, next.
  3. Loki is a self-serving egomaniac who will stab you in the end. Again, YMMV, but he’s actually very loyal and protective of his people.
  4. Loki is a soft femboy who loves attention and he is uwu. No. Genderqueer, yes. Loves attention yes. No on the uwu.

Those are the main ones and the ones that irritate me the most.